Photographers get an 80% gross payout on each transaction once they're a partner! To become an official partner, a photographer would have to complete one successful transaction through the app at a 50% payout. This helps cover the on-boarding costs, background checks, offsets our refund risks, troubleshooting for first time users, first time deposit account verification, and other administrative costs. Partner status with an 80% payout begins on transaction number 2 and every subsequent transaction thereafter.  

An email was sent to you detailing this process upon your initial registration.  This can also be found in our terms of use and you can see it on our FAQ page and of course here on the PhotoSesh Help Center.  This can also be found right in your menu within the app under "Camera Bag."  

Making sure our photographers get paid in a timely and secure manner is our top priority.  We have a flawless reputation on timely payments and expect it to continue.  The payments actually bypass us while held at Braintree (a PayPal company) and go directly from our customers to Braintree, to your assigned account via direct deposit.  This is to ensure your compensation with security and confidence.  : )