"Heart" or "Like" 3, 4, or 10 of them on the PhotoSesh app!

Even though you may only be hiring one photographer, may we suggest that you "heart" or favorite more than just one or 2.  We recommend you "heart" or "like" at least 3 (maybe much more) before submitting your request.  This is most useful when you need to secure a photographer quickly and on short notice.  You can favorite ("heart") as many as you'd like for your single request.  The more advanced notice you give and the more you "favorite" in your request, the more likely you will secure a photographer within seconds.

The first to accept your gig, will get your business.  So feel free to even favorite 10+ in a single request if you'd like to increase your chances of acceptance!  Especially when on such short notice.  

Request a PhotoSesh appointment for longer sessions.  Even if you don't need it.

Another tip is to consider putting the request in for more time, because this will open up much more available options.  As an example, most photographers may not want the pay for a 30 min session.  So many photographers put a minimum session at 1 hr or longer.  So if you submit a request for only 30 minutes, but are having trouble finding availability, keep in mind the system will not list any photographers who have set their minimum to 1hr or more.  

It all really comes down to your budget and what you're trying to do.  If you're comfortable paying a photographer for an hour or more, but your time is tight, you can always send them home early.  It's really up to you.  

Keep coming back!

We're also growing every day and we hope next time you come back you'll see even more selection to choose from in your area.  Good luck.  

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You can find more about the PhotoSesh process here:  PhotoSesh Service

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