Typically 2-4 business days after the PhotoSesh, your funds will be direct deposited into the account which you have designated. If you processed a transaction on the weekend or a bank holiday, the transaction won't be processed until the first business day that follows.  To update your banking details go to (Profile>Banking Details).

Making sure our photographers get paid in a timely and secure manner is our top priority.  We have a flawless reputation on timely payments and expect it to continue.  So if you have successfully processed the job within the app, the customer's payment is sent right to escrow.  At this point, you can send the digital images to the customer knowing that your compensation is secured.  The payments actually bypass us while held at Braintree (a PayPal company) and go directly from our customers to Braintree, to your assigned account via direct deposit.  This is to ensure your compensation with security and confidence.  : )